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Prado 4' Bed

Prado 4′ Bed

trustpilot £129.99
Product Details Key Features Information & Materials Downloads Assembled Sizes W x D x H(MM) 1290 x 2045 x 880

Leather Beds

Looking for a new style of bed? Then a leather bed could be right for you.

A modern leather bed is a luxury piece of furniture that you can get for the fraction of the price! Simple yet stylish, our leather beds are a great purchase that’ll add to all bedrooms.

From single to king size, we’re sure that you’ll find one to suit you and your home. Some of our beds also come with stylish headboards to suit your design and aesthetic. 

Why people love our leather beds

Our leather beds are the sophisticated pieces you’ve been looking for to take your bedroom to the next level when it comes to comfort and style.

Storage Options

If you’re looking for extra storage space for your bedroom, then you’re in safe hands with one of our leather beds.

Our customers are always satisfied when it comes to the storage options available. They can fit anything from another mattress to your treasured shoe collection.

Our spaces are well concealed yet easy to access, making sure you’re still relaxing in style, without any clutter to ruin the mood.

Looking for more stylish storage solutions? Why not check out our fantastic range of storage beds like our Ottoman range

Bed Frame

When choosing a new bed, you always want the best, especially when it comes to the all-important frame.

Our leather beds are known for their comfort, and our bed frames are no exception. Made of solid wood, our bed frames provide a sturdy structure that ensures durability for a good night’s sleep every night.

The frame is still in keeping with the same elegant design, whilst making sure they’re no squeaks or splinters to give you a hard time. All you’ll receive is pure quality.

Host of Designs

Along with an elegant finish, our leather beds come in a host of designs, with several colours, that are suitable for all of our customers.

Our leather beds are perfect for those who love neutral palettes and simple yet sophisticated accessories.

For those who want their bed to blend in, or to make a statement and stand out, we have a design to suit every desire. From parallel, lined, or cubed designs, you can pick the style right for you and your bedroom.

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If you’re wanting something extra alongside your frame then you should think about adding a headboard. They also come in the same parallel, lined or cubed designs to add a little flair, or you can choose a plain headboard to accentuate a different feature in your room.

Some of our leather beds come equipped with a headboard, which only adds to the overall charm.

These headboards can be used as additional support, as they are padded for extra comfort. Or, if you want, they can be an extra style feature to make your bedroom a room you’re proud of.

Why buy from

When it comes to leather beds, you want quality, style and durability, all of which Bedsdivans provides. Our range of leather bed products range all the way from single to king size, so there’s a bed for every buyer.

Buying a leather bed has never been easier, as you can order online and take advantage of our delivery service by having it sent directly to your door, and we have our great customer service team to help you out!

We use faux leather so you know you’re making the ethical choice when it comes to buying a leather bed and because our beds are so easy to clean and maintain, you can spend more time relaxing, and less time worrying about potential spills and stains.

Our leather beds have a solid frame and have a range of various designs and patterns that you can choose from to make sure you get the bed that best fits your own individual style.


Why are faux leather beds so popular?

Faux leather beds have a lot of great qualities that make them the perfect choice for a new piece of furniture:

  • Ethical faux leather – If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of real leather, faux leather beds are a great alternative.
  • Cost-effective – If you’re on a budget and want the leather look without the real leather price our beds are right for you.
  • Elegant design – a simple yet sophisticated choice.
  • Easy to clean – Faux leather beds are easier to clean and to maintain.
  • Most faux leather is UV protected so any faux leather beds are less prone to fading.

If you’re in search of a new bed and want to explore a new style then you should definitely try one out today and we guarantee you’ll fall in love!

How do you maintain an upholstered bed?

Don’t worry if you think leather beds might be difficult to clean! Here are some tips and tricks to keeping them in tip-top condition:

  • Use a leather protector for spills and stains
  • Light rubbing/cleaning with soft materials to keep the leather scratch-free.
  • Try to keep consistently dusting to prevent buildup
  • Use a leather cleaner for more intense, deeper cleans where necessary.

All of our leather beds are easy to maintain and are really easy to clean! So with our beds, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. all you have to do is relax and enjoy!

What’s right for me, a leather bed or a fabric bed?

It’s always difficult making a choice, so below are some pros to help you decide:

Leather bed:

  • The Colour palette is neutral so easy to fit into any decor.
  • Good for those that suffer from allergies as most faux leather is naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Easier to care for and to clean.

Fabric bed:

  • Fabric beds do have a softer texture.
  • A lot of fabric beds have more colours and designs available.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you! But if you need any help our customer service team is always on hand to help.

With a selection of both Leather and Fabric beds to choose from, whether it’s a bed for a little one or a king-size for you, we’ll help you find a bed that’ll have you sleeping in comfort and style; all you have to do is choose.