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Nevada 4'6" Bed

Nevada 4’6″ Bed

Product Details Key Features Information & Materials Downloads Assembled Sizes W x D x H(MM) 1440 x 2080 x 1155

Nevada bed

Is your current bed giving you a headache rather than a restful night’s sleep? If so, consider choosing our range of Nevada beds.

We understand how confusing it can be when choosing a new bed. With so many different styles and fabrics available, which are you supposed to pick? You’re probably wondering what makes Nevada beds so different from the rest.

Similar to our range of low divan beds, Nevada beds have a low height profile and occupy a small amount of space, making them the ideal choice for kids beds. 

We’re here to enlighten you and help you pick the best design for you. We’ve also got some useful information on how to choose the perfect fabric bed. From size to storage space, we’ve got all the answers here.

From king size bed frames to delivery information, everything you need to know is here.

A great option for fans of minimalism

A Nevada bed is a simple but elegant wooden bed frame that comes in a range of options to suit you. This bed frame is especially good for kids because of its low height.

Minimalistic and chic – the ideal combination for the modern lifestyle. Our Nevada low wooden bed frame is the perfect companion for attic living or rooms with low ceilings.

Made from beautiful and timeless solid wood, our Nevada bed frame is ideal for loft spaces, the guest room, or children’s rooms because of its compact and low design.

What makes Nevada beds so comfortable?

The sprung slatted base of these beds is one of the key things that make them so comfortable. The sturdy centre legs ensure the bed remains firmly in place. Your choice of mattress will also affect how comfortable the bed is.

Mattresses can make or break your sleep pattern so it’s vital to choose the right one. Shop our full range of mattresses and bed frames on our site and in our UK stores for a great shopping experience.

Placing orders online is super easy. Simply place your chosen products in your shopping cart and head to the checkout. For delivery information make sure you check out each product description for more details.

How are Nevada beds different from normal beds?

Regular beds can be very cumbersome, especially a king size bed frame. The slatted headboard and sturdy materials make Nevada beds an all-around popular choice.

Nevada beds are more similar to our range of Sleigh beds, as they also consider the simplicity of design and utility of space as their main criteria. 

The Nevada bed frame is a very low and streamlined design. Because of this, it’s ideal for rooms with minimal space or ceilings that are so low you’re worried about bumping your head!

Some beds, such as Time Living beds, also have chrome corner feet but our Nevada beds don’t. They have solid wooden legs so there’s no chrome that may get scratched.

Check out our fantastic range of high quality beds and shop confidently knowing we offer the best divan beds online in the UK.

Storage options meet style and comfort

There is plenty of space underneath the bed for boxes and other storage options and these beds offer a great night’s sleep at a fantastic price.

Similar to Sleigh beds, this design can be used as a storage bed. You can opt for a larger size, similar to Ottoman beds, which provide lots of under-bed storage.

How to choose a new fabric bed

Did you know, over a lifetime, the average person will spend over 200,000 hours sleeping? That’s a lot of time to spend in bed, so choosing the right one for you is vital.

But how do you choose a new fabric bed frame? Below we’ve covered some essential factors to consider when buying your new bed.


If you’re comfortable, you’ll fall asleep faster and there’s nothing worse than being unable to sleep because your back hurts. When you’re feeling comfortable you’ll also stay asleep for longer.

Not only will you sleep for longer, but resting in comfort can help you stay in longer bursts of that restorative deep sleep. Why not visit one of our UK stores and try the many products that we offer?

As our customer reviews show, our fabric bed frames are top-quality and our friendly sales assistants are happy to help you choose your new bed.


Like the comfort levels, size is also important, so be sure to consider the size of your bedroom. If your room is fairly small, a double bed frame or a huge king size bed frame probably won’t be the ideal choice.

However, to relax and drift off to sleep properly you need to have sufficient space around the bed. If you have a sleeping partner, consider them as well.

If you have a large bedroom, then you can take full advantage of that space and go for a super king bed. This is especially true if you or your partner are taller than 6 feet, you don’t want to have any limbs hanging over the edge because your bed is too small!


Under-bed storage is another factor you should consider when searching for your new fabric bed frame.  A bed base with built-in drawers provides convenience while still looking sophisticated, ideal for contemporary and modern homes.

A fabric bed frame with ample storage space is essential whether you have a small room or lots of space to spare. It reduces the need for cumbersome dressers or mountains of storage boxes and instantly makes your room look magazine-worthy!

Why not check out our amazing range of high quality and affordable Ottoman beds for more great storage solutions. 


Are Nevada beds available in king size?

Our beds are available in larger sizes if you need more space. We also have a wide range of mattresses to choose from as well. Whether you need a king size or double bed frame, our range of items means you have plenty of options.

The beautiful neutral colour of the bed will also pair with most furniture. All products come with assembly instructions for easy installation.

Are Nevada beds suitable for kids?

Yes, our Nevada beds are the perfect choice for kids due to their low base height. They make a great alternative to bunk beds because you won’t have to worry if the side rail height is correct.

They’re also ideal if your child’s bedroom isn’t very big as the space-saving bed frame will fit most room sizes. It’s available in different sizes too and because of its durable build, it’ll still look in great condition after years of use.