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White Crushed Velvet Divan Bed

White Crushed Velvet Divan Bed Set +Headboard +Mattress FREE UK DELIVERY 4ft6″

Ice white crushed velvet divan bed which comes in a wide range of sizes from single 3ft,small double 4ft double 4ft6 king 5ft and super king 6ft This beautifully crafted divan bed comes with a variety of matching headboards and wooden storage options. you can add castor wheels or the elegant chrome feet gliders.  Add  the mattress that best suits your requirements. our mattresses range from the comfy orthopedic range, the pillow top range or the 2000 packet buckingham gold mattress.
  • This bed is manufactured in the UK
  • High quality velvet fabric
  • Reinforced divan base
  • 26 inch Headboard
  • Fire resistant fabric
  • Wooden storage

Grey Linen Divan Base + Headboard & Mattress FREE UK DELIVERY 4ft6″

Specifications: Variety of colours available in many different fabrics Various drawer options available Chrome Glides or castor wheel options 3
Grey Suede Divan Set

Royal Grey Suede Divan Set FREE UK DELIVERY 4ft6″

Our wide range of exclusive Divan Beds are made with the highest of quality and we ensure we are meeting all regulations when it comes to public safety.

Double Beds

Looking to free up some space in your bedroom, without having to compromise on storage? Our huge range of double beds means that we have you covered, no matter your requirements!

We have many different double bed styles to suit all bedroom sizes. Changing your bed is something that can increase the quality of your sleep and the comfort you feel at home – so why wait? Your dream bed is waiting for you right here!

Shop by bed size – All of our beds come with a multitude of different materials, colour, size, and mattress options for you to choose from, so you can customise your bed to suit your price range – and style!

If you’re looking for extra storage, a firmer mattress, or a different headboard. We offer the options for you to create your perfect bed.

Check out our fantastic range of high quality beds and shop confidently knowing we offer the best divan beds online in the UK.

Dimensions of a double bed

Our double beds have dimensions of 4’6 x 6’3”. This is an ideal size for a couple, particularly if the amount of space in the bedroom is limited. The base height of our double beds is 12” without feet on.

The bed frame and mattress are a perfect fit, there’s also storage at the base of the bed. This makes getting a bigger bed size much more simple, as they don’t take up lots of space and limit storage.

You may think your room is too small for a larger bed, however, a double bed can fit into lots of different room sizes and save space.

Combining storage and comfort

Our range of double beds on offer come with four different drawer options. The options you can choose from are:

  • A drawer on one side of the bed
  • Two drawers on one side
  • One drawer on each side
  • Two drawers on each side

These different choices provide the perfect bed base for comfort and storage in every home!

You can get up to four drawers on your double bed frame. Two drawers on each side offer lots of space for couples to store their clothes as well as many other items.

Different styles of bed frames offer various storage options. For example, our Ottoman bed range lifts allowing storage underneath the bed.

Picking the right frame is important, depending on how much storing space you require and the space you have in your room, you may pick one style over another.

Which mattress type comes standard with a Divan double bed order?

You can choose from three quality mattress options for an additional price – we’ve got the right mattress style for you! Whether you’re looking for a firm bed or a softer bed, you can choose from;

  • Orthopaedic- mid to soft firmness
  • 1500 pocket springs, tinsel top – mid firmness
  • 1500 pillow top – mid to hard firmness

Mattresses are included in our free UK delivery policy!

What other sizes of divan bases are available?

There are five sizes of Divan bases to fit all sizes and types of bedroom.  From ‘Single’ to ‘Super-king’, we’ve got the size you need to better your sleep experience. We stock all five types, which are;

  • Single: – 3′ x 6’2″
  • Small Double: – 4′ x 6’2″
  • Double: – 4’6 x 6’3”
  • King: 5′ x 6’5″
  • Super-king: 6’x 6’5″

Our delivery options for bed frames

All our double beds come with free UK delivery and a one year warranty, and we are rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot. We guarantee your order will get to you in a swift, effective, and stress-free manner.

Your order will be with you in 3-7 working days. Dispatch will be confirmed within 1-2 working days and please provide a contact number, as our couriers will contact you to confirm a delivery date and time.

Benefits of a divan beds over alternative options

Divan style beds offer people larger sizes without compromising on storage and space. Space is saved thanks to the bed and mattress being a matching size.The base of the beds can be customised so you always have enough storage for everything you want to put away!


What is the best divan bed to buy?

This is completely dependent on your specific needs and wants. Are you looking for more storage options, a bigger size bed, fabric beds, or other bed styles?

The best to buy is the one that ticks all your boxes – we have a variety of products available so you can find your perfect bed.
Shop our range of double beds now -you can save money at checkout, and get free UK delivery!

Are divan beds better?

Divan beds have a few advantages that make them the preferred choice over standard double bed frames.

The range of drawer storage options and the varied sizes they offer are better than your standard double bed frame. Further, the increased room and storage space provided by divans results in a more comfortable bedroom and sleeping space.

Our divans come with wheels, making it easy to maneuver the two separate sections of the bed. You don’t have to compromise on space just because you want a larger bed. Our range of double beds save space by providing lots of storage options!

What are double divan beds?

A divan is made up of the base, as well as the suitable mattress. Divan beds often take up less space in your bedroom due to the mattress and frame being the same size and have more storage options and sizes than standard bed frames.

Our double beds can be fully customised. From the headboard to the drawers and mattress, we’ll be able to create the perfect bed for you and your room.