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Grey Linen Divan Base + Headboard & Mattress FREE UK DELIVERY 5ft

Specifications: Variety of colours available in many different fabrics Various drawer options available Chrome Glides or castor wheel options 3

Deep Grey Linen Divan Bed Available In Single double king Super king 5ft

Grey linen fabric divan bed which comes in a wide range of sizes from single 3ft,small double 4ft double 4ft6 king 5ft and super king 6ft This beautifully crafted divan bed comes with a variety of matching headboards and wooden storage options. you can add castor wheels or the elegant chrome feet gliders.  Add  the mattress that best suits your requirements. our mattresses range from the comfy orthopedic range, the pillow top range or the 2000 pocket spring mattress.
  • This bed is manufactured in the UK
  • High quality linen
  • Reinforced divan base
  • 26 inch Headboard
  • Fire resistant fabric
  • Wooden storage

King Beds

Looking to upgrade your bed, but worried about losing out on valuable storage space or your bedroom furniture?

Our range of king bed frames can save you that all-important space, and provide you with drawer storage to fit all kinds of items. Here at Beds Divans, you’ll find your perfect sized bed in no time!

At our store, you can shop by bed size in line with your requirement and the space that you have. Our large size beds include – king-size beds, double size beds, ottoman beds with storage, and extra-large queen-size beds. 

You can check out the options that we have in king size divan bed with mattresses and headboard, which provides you with one complete package. These come in a variety of styles and utility functions.

Feel like royalty with the second largest bed size we offer

King size beds are one of the biggest options we stock, much larger than our range of double beds in both length and width. They offer room in bed at all times – great for couples!

At Beds Divans, the choice is yours. Feel like royalty, create the perfect bed for your room and price range. Choose the colours, metal, bed frame, wheels, headboard and mattress to best suit you or save you money.

What are the dimensions of king size bed frames?

Our king size bed dimensions are 5′ x 6’5″- great for taller customers and those with partners.

The results that can come from buying a new king size bed can be something that people don’t fully understand until they themselves experience it! The extra area to sleep in, both in length and width helps your body to stretch out and get as relaxed in no time!

No matter how big of a bed you decide to go for, our divan bed range will help you to save on room space, whilst offering lots of storage options.

King beds provide style as well as storage

Our collection of divan king size bed frames come with four different options for storage. The bed may be large, but it offers enough storage for the area it takes up, and more!

You can have your drawers arranged as such;

  • A single drawer on one side
  • Two drawers on one side
  • One drawer on each side
  • Two drawers on each side

So, no matter the size of the frame and mattress you go with, you’re going to have plenty of storage still available in your room.

Check out our fantastic range of high quality beds and shop confidently knowing we offer the best divan beds online in the UK.


Is a king size bed suitable for a child?

Your choice of bed sizes depends on the size of your child. If you and/or your partner are looking to sleep alongside your baby or infant then a king size can be a good option, as it affords each of you plenty of room and therefore safety.
A single or bed is the best option for children to sleep in on their own. As they grow up you can get newer beds to fit their height.

What are the types of king sized beds?

Our collection includes king and super-king size beds. They’re great for couples and taller people who may struggle to get comfortable in the limited area of a double.

The dimensions of our king size beds are 5′ x 6’5″, and the dimensions of our super-king size beds are 6’x 6’5″.

The extra foot in width really makes a difference – it’s a huge bed, suiting those with a spacious bedroom.

Who needs a king size bed?

A king size is best suited for people who move around a lot whilst they sleep. If you move around, you can accidentally get into your partner’s sleeping space and wake each other up. The area each person sleeps in is similar to that of a double.

Those who are taller will love to finally have their feet on the bed and not hanging off the edge! Our king sizes are 6’5″ in length, so those who struggle to fit in doubles will finally be able to sleep comfortably.

If you sleep with a partner (who may or may not take up the entire bed with their sleeping position) you know that it can sometimes become really hot and uncomfortable. As king sizes provide each person with an area that is like that of a double, there is no more unbearable heat or discomfort when sleeping.

If you struggle with getting deep slumber and getting comfortable in bed then a king size will help you to finally get a great night’s rest.

What two beds equal a king?

The width of two single beds is slightly larger than the width of our king size beds. Our super-king is the same width as two single beds.

Putting two singles side by side you may get a similar width, however, the length of our king size beds is much longer. So, even in putting two singles together, you won’t get the same area offered.

Further, with two singles there is always an uncomfortable dip in the middle where the two mattresses meet. You want to be comfortable in bed no matter where you lie – one large king mattress is comfortable to sleep in across its entire surface.