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Grey Linen Divan Base + Headboard & Mattress FREE UK DELIVERY 3ft

Specifications: Variety of colours available in many different fabrics Various drawer options available Chrome Glides or castor wheel options 3
White Crushed Velvet Divan Bed

White Crushed Velvet Divan Bed Set +Headboard +Mattress FREE UK DELIVERY 3ft

Ice white crushed velvet divan bed which comes in a wide range of sizes from single 3ft,small double 4ft double 4ft6 king 5ft and super king 6ft This beautifully crafted divan bed comes with a variety of matching headboards and wooden storage options. you can add castor wheels or the elegant chrome feet gliders.  Add  the mattress that best suits your requirements. our mattresses range from the comfy orthopedic range, the pillow top range or the 2000 packet buckingham gold mattress.
  • This bed is manufactured in the UK
  • High quality velvet fabric
  • Reinforced divan base
  • 26 inch Headboard
  • Fire resistant fabric
  • Wooden storage

Single beds

Don’t lose sleep looking for the perfect single bed! Here at Beds Divan, we know that shopping for beds can be a lengthy and confusing process – that’s why you must choose the right one. Luckily, our selection is sure to include what you’re looking for!

We guarantee a quick and easy shopping experience, whether you’re looking for a daybed, bunk beds or even built-in storage.

Who are single beds recommended for?

Single beds are recommended for kids because the size suits them best. A well-made single bed can last your kids right into their teenage years, making you a big saving in the long run.

They aren’t just for young people, however. They are appropriate for any age. We recommend them for anyone who doesn’t need as much space as a double bed offers. They are also the best option for anyone looking to save on space in their bedroom. Many single beds offer space saver solutions  (from bunk beds to daybeds and more) that larger alternatives do not. This makes them especially suited to smaller rooms.

A huge variety of single beds to pick from

With Beds Divans, there is a huge range of beds available, in a variety of different styles and at varying prices. We offer beds in different colours and fabrics, from grey linen to purple crushed velvet and much more.

You can browse the full selection of styles available on our site. We’re guaranteed to have what you’re looking for, whether your bedroom is sleek and monochromatic or bright and colourful.

We sell every component your bed needs. As well as the frame, you can choose between our unique designs of divan beds with headboards and our wide range of the best mattresses in the UK.

The next step for children from cots and toddler beds

Single beds are a suitable option for younger kids who have outgrown their cots and toddler beds. Many parents opt for a single-sized bed to prevent having to continually upgrade as their child grows.

If you’re worried about your little one falling out of bed, you can purchase safety guard rails which can be used with a regular bed. This means that your single bed can serve the function of a toddler bed, providing a little extra support in your child’s early years.

A great option for guest rooms

Single-sized beds are the perfect addition to any guest room.

Many customers buy single beds for their guest rooms because they save space. They also cut costs, considering that a guest room may not be in regular use. If you anticipate only occasional guests (and single travellers), anything bigger than a single may be a waste of space.

We offer a large range of bed designs in different fabrics, from understated chenille to decadent Kensington upholstery. A Divan single bed is a good option, whether you want your guest room to feel cosy or plush.


How big are single bed frames?

Our single bed frames are 90cm wide and 190cm long. In Imperial measurements, this is 3’0” x 6’3”.

Which are the best single beds?

One of the most popular beds is our grey linen bed base, which can be bought with a headboard and mattress or on its own. It has many optional design features, from optional drawer storage to a choice between castor wheels or chrome gliders.
A wide range of colours and materials are available, and there are three different mattress options and five headboard options for you to choose from.
Another popular single bed is the silver crushed velvet bed set. This bed has a more glamorous look. It has the same customizable options as the linen bed, providing you with a tailor-made product that ticks all of your boxes and promises a restful night’s sleep.

Why are divan single beds better?

Single beds offer several advantages over larger beds. Here are just some of the reasons they are the better option for many people:

  • They take up minimal space. At a comfortable but not excessive size, a single sized bed ensures your entire bedroom isn’t taken up by the bed.
  • They are cheaper. In general, single beds cost less than small doubles, doubles, kings and super kings. The mattress and even bedding will also be cheaper. This makes them a good alternative for anyone shopping on a budget.
  • It’s easier to make your bed! It’s far easier to change the sheets (and even the bedding) on a smaller bed. This is certainly a selling point, particularly if you’re short or less mobile.
  • They’re good for all ages, from young kids to adults. They make a long term investment for smaller kids, as well as a cheaper option than a double for an adult.

They are more versatile than bigger beds. Many singles double up as day beds, meaning they can become part of a multi-functional system in your home. You can also opt for bunk beds, allowing you to sleep two while saving floorspace. Many regular singles also come with storage space built-in.

Can you get a smaller single bed?

For children or adults with a modest bedroom, a small single may be the best option.

They are narrower than a standard single, designed to fit guest beds, sofa beds and kids’ bed frames. They are a good space-saving solution for smaller rooms, and can also help you to save money on your purchase.

Can you get a large single bed?

If you want slightly more space than a standard single offers, you can opt for a large single bed. They are the same length as a regular single, but have a slightly larger width, providing a little more comfort.

Though dimensions vary, these beds usually measure 105cm in width and 190cm in length (or 3ft6” by 6ft3”). They’re the perfect bed type if you have limited space but want some extra wiggle room.

If you’re looking for something larger, such as our fantastic double divan beds range or a beautiful king-sized bed, then we’ve got the perfect bed solution for you! Check out our fantastic range of high quality beds and shop confidently knowing we offer the best divan beds online in the UK.