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Choosing the best kid bed online

Jasper Low Sleeper Bed

Kids spend a good portion of their day on the bed. Whether it is sleeping, playing, or doing some activity, the bed does form an essential part of their lives. Hence it is imperative that utmost consideration needs to go into choosing the right bed for your kid. The task becomes trickier if you are trying to select the best kid bed online, as you do not have the option of checking out the bed physically.

While it is recommended to check out any piece of furniture in person before buying them, under the current situations and the way the technology has developed, checking a piece of furniture does provide more options.

Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind while trying to buy the best kid bed online.

a. Go for a reputed furniture store if you are buying online.

Shopping online takes away a few of the advantages that a physical store offers. You can overcome this handicap by relying on a trusted and reputed store. Bedsdivans is one of the trusted options to buy the best kid beds in the UK. Our online store provides a wide range of options and also ensures that we deliver a quality product on time.

There are other furniture stores that provide quality options online. Check out different stores before making a final choice.

b. Ensure that the beds are toxin-free

Children can be allergic to different things and get infected with many of the things that we as adults are used to. Mostly the kid beds are made colorful and have many finishes, which could contain harmful chemicals. Ensure to check with the store before making the purchase.

c. Check for safety frames.

Avoid any sharp or unrounded joints in the frame of the beds. It is advisable to go for rounded beds. Especially kids’ bunk beds and sleigh beds have frames compared to others and can cause an injury. Ensure that all the joints and exposed frames are duly protected.

d. Low height beds are better options.

Low height beds would help your child to quickly get in and out of bed. It also reduces the injuries in case if the child falls. However, it would be an excellent option to place cushions around the bed if you are concerned about the fall. Having a bed with guardrails is also a good option. Check out the Jasper low sleeper beds for kids on our online store, along with other best of divan beds in the UK, which provides you with great low bed options to choose from.

e. Select a solid frame

Another aspect of safety while selecting the best kid bed online is to check out the bed frame’s stability. Divan beds are usually sturdy and made of wood, which can be useful as a kid bed. Nevada beds with their low height and wooden frame are an excellent choice for kid beds.

You can also check the metal options like a Prado bed, where a solid metal frame is used encased by wood. This ensures that the bed survives all the jumping around that your kids would be up to.

f. Choose the right mattress.

Select a mattress that fits the frame as well as is comfortable. Beddivans have a host of the best mattresses for kids’ beds. A few of the features you need to check out in selecting a mattress for a kid’s bed are – firmness, softness, the material inside the bed, non-allergic and non-toxic fiber, fire retardant, etc.

g. Having Storage options is not a stretch.

Having a bed with storage comes in handy, especially if it is a kid’s bed. There are different models of kid’s storage beds available in the market. Few of the beds have under the bed storage compartment. This option does provide ample space to store the mattresses, bedsheets, clothes, toys, and other kids’ stuff to ensure that the room remains tidy. Having a storage option is especially useful if you have lesser space to avoid the need for wardrobes. Few of the beds, like Prado beds, provide the option of having racks that look more organized and are easy to access.

These are a few of the things to check out before you choose to buy the best kid bed online. As already highlighted earlier, opting for a trusted and reputed store would help overcome the challenges associated with online shopping. Bedsdivans is one such online store that offers the best kids’ beds in the UK. Another important thing is to consider the kids opinion before finalizing one. You can browse through the online options and show the kids the shortlisted options to choose one as per their liking of color or design.

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