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Living Room Decor Ideas: How to Pick a Comfortable Sofa To Relax On

Spending money on a good quality sofa is a significant investment that you are likely to make on the furniture. The amount of time spent on a couch for watching TV, reading a book, catching up, and interacting with loved ones & friends, including those times where you even eat on a sofa, is much more than what we generally imagine it to be. Sofa now forms an integral part of the living room décor ideas. Taking the current prevailing situation into context, it is more likely that you would continue to spend more time on a sofa.

Hence, ensuring that your sofa provides the utmost comfort ought to be of prime importance.

Whether you plan to buy a sofa online or venture out to a showroom, there are certain things to be kept in mind to ensure that you pick a comfortable sofa to relax on. Here are a few tips that can help you choose a critical value addition to a modern living room décor.

A. Buy a quality frame

If you wonder where the maximum portion of your investment on the sofa needs to go, the answer is simple. It ought to be in a quality frame. Invest in a solid frame made of hardwood that provides you the necessary support and longevity. A wooden frame is ideally preferable over a metal or a particleboard frame. However, technology innovation has brought more robust frames, even in non-wood materials.

It is good to opt for a manufacturer who can guarantee 10-15 years on the frame. Modern living room décor ideas have introduced various sofa designs, with a wide range in upholstery, utility features, etc. However, the base of all these is a solid frame.

B. Check the cushions

While a solid frame lays the foundation, it is the cushions that determine comfort. Many materials are used as filling for the cushions. These include foam, feathers, fiber, etc.

Each of these options has its benefits as well as challenges.

Feather filled cushions provide higher comfort, but they require regular plumping. On the other hand, foam or fiber-filled cushions do run the risk of flattening out over some time.

A solution for modern living room decor is a combination of these fillings, wherein the foam provides the shape & form, and the feathers provide comfort. In many cases, the back cushions are filled with feathers for additional comfort, and the seat cushions are filled with foam. A luxurious and comfortable option like a champion sofa combines these elements to retain the structure and provide comfort.

C. Emphasize the fabric

The fabric determines the style and taste. Whether you intend to go for a bold look or want a neutral tone, the sofa’s fabric has a major say.

The fabric also has an impact on the overall setting of the room. While the cushion is about ‘how it feels”, the material adds a ‘how it looks” paradigm to the sofa.

Innovative ideas have created an influx of materials being used for the upholstery of the sofa. A leather sofa is among the favorites when it comes to the overall feel and looks of a sofa. It gives a sophisticated look and is at home with most of the modern living rooms décor. However, the major challenge with it is maintenance. While they can be quickly dusted, the challenge comes in case of any spills or marks.

A fabric sofa, on the other hand, is easier to maintain. There are many color and pattern options available, which makes it a great choice to have a fabric sofa. A Chicago sofa is a great option to check out if you are looking for a fabric option.

The material being used for the upholstery also plays a vital role in defining the sofa’s overall comfort.

D. Understand the size

Buying a sofa that does not fit in the room would upset the living room décor ideas you have. It is not just about the extent of the size but about the compatibility with the room. You might plan to go for opulence and look at buying a champion sofa, but it would not be an ideal option if you have a congested space.

Despite all the best features, a Chicago sofa might not be the right fit when the existing interiors are taken into consideration. A similar case can be made of a sofa bed and other utility sofas, which would not be ideal if there is no enough space. Hence it is imperative to plan the space that you are willing to accord to a sofa and buy the one which measures up to that.

E. Give a try before you buy

All the best features that offer comfort to your sofa will come to naught if that does not suit you. The best way to check it out is to try it before finalizing. It is always advisable to visit a store and try out the sofas before buying them.

However, this could be a challenging proposition if you are planning to buy a sofa online. During the current pandemic times, it is advised to opt for online shopping rather than going out. In such a situation, it is always better to rely on a trusted source that can ensure quality.

Bedsdivans is one of the best online options you can check out if you plan to buy a sofa in the UK.

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