The Most Relaxing Accent in the U.K (According to ASMR)

The Most Relaxing Accent in the U.K (According to ASMR)

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’ and describes the tingling sensation many people report experiencing in response to certain audio or visual stimuli.

ASMR videos typically feature an individual whispering, brushing or tapping on objects to elicit a tingling sensation for the viewers.

Globally, ASMR has grown rapidly and it shows no sign of stopping. In the U.K, users search for the term ‘ASMR’ a whopping 104,000 times a month. The question is, why is ASMR so popular? 

ASMR videos are a great way to relax and calm yourself.  For those struggling to fall asleep, ASMR can sometimes be the ticket to a good night’s sleep.  When a person watches or listens to ASMR, they feel relaxed and a pleasant sensation arises. By doing so, you are left in a state of relaxation that aids you in falling asleep more easily.

Here at Bed Divans, we’re passionate about providing the best sleep solutions to all of our customers. With this in mind, we wanted to find out which U.K accent was the most relaxing for ASMR. We also wanted to find out which gender had the most soothing voice to fall asleep to. 

In order to determine which U.K accent was most relaxing, we collected data on subscribers and video views from British ASMR YouTubers with more than 5,000 subscribers. Additionally, we also used the Youtube Money Calculator to calculate the average earnings per video. Here are our findings:

The Most Relaxing Accent in the U.K

ASMR Data - Which Accent is the Most Relaxing -min

Our research shows that the most relaxing accent in the U.K. is the Southern accent. In fact, ASMR videos with Southern English accents, such as the Bristol and cockney accent, make up a whopping 65% of all video views from our list. 

In second place for the most relaxing accent in the U.K is the Northern accent, with a combined video viewership of 297,934,766 (17.5% of all total video views.)

Accents & Their Average Earnings Per Video

Using the Youtube Money Calculator, we’ve ranked each accent by the average earnings per each video. Here are the results:

Accent & Earnings -min

Research from Beds Divans, shows that it pays to have the Scottish accent, literally. Channels with a Scottish accent typically have higher average earnings per video, raking in approximately £151 per video. That’s 41% higher than the average UK ASMR video!

Battle of the Genders: Which Gender is the Most Relaxing to Listen to?

Gender Stats

The results are in, the female voice is more relaxing for ASMR. In fact, female-led ASMR Youtube channels have raked in a massive 76% of all video views and over 69% of all subscribers. 

Is ASMR helping women break the glass ceilings in terms of the gender pay gap? The data points to yes! 

Data from our research shows that on average, female ASMR channels typically earn 9.4% more than their male counterparts, with an average earning of £116 per video.  


In order to determine which accent and gender was the most relaxing, we collated data (such as views and subscriber count) from Youtube of British ASMR YouTubers with a subscriber count of over 5,000. To calculate the average earnings of each ASMR YouTube video, we used the Youtube Money Calculator.


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