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Types of Beds That You Need To Know

Few things can give more succour to anyone who is exhausted and fatigued than the thought of hitting the bed and relaxing. The thought can only be bettered by having an actual bed which is as comfortable as one imagines.

There are a plethora of types of beds available that define comfort and offer a perfect solution to relax and rejuvenate. However, the idea of comfort is a personal thing, and there are various preferences and requirements that one needs to take into consideration before making the right choice of bed.

Here we take a look at the most proffered types of beds so that it is easier for you to identify the one that suits your specific needs.

However, before we look at the types of beds, here are a few tips that can help you with making the right choice of bed.

  • Give importance to comfort.
  • Decide on the purpose, i.e. do you need a storage unit or is it for individual or couple etc.
  • Determine the price range that you are comfortable with.
  • Try to test before you finalize.
  • Check out the options available for mattresses, pillows etc.

With these things in mind, here is a look at a few of the more popular types of beds that you would need to know.

Bigger bed options with sleigh beds

Otherwise, also known as scroll bed, a sleigh bed is a more popular option for a master bedroom or a larger bedroom. These beds are known for their sturdiness and the high-quality materials that generally go into making them.

Beds Divans UK offers a wide range of sleigh beds that suit both conventional as well as contemporary room décor.

All the sleigh beds that we offer are made of top quality wood. We also do have options in other materials, like steel & iron. A variety of headboards, storage options, varied sizes are available, providing you with the comfort of choice.

Double up the utility with Storage beds

A bed is not just a piece of furniture to lie down and relax. Contemporary bed designs have incorporated utility in the form of storage options. With a storage bed, you not only have a place to relax on, but you also have a place to store things.

Most of the Ottoman storage beds come with enough space for you to comfortably deck mattresses, linen, blankets, pillows etc. without the need to find space in a cupboard. The storage beds are designed to access the storage space efficiently. Few of them also come with designated compartments that make storage much more manageable.

Save up on the Space with Nevada Beds

While most of us would love to have a big sleigh bed, not everyone would have the space to accommodate it. Nevada beds are the perfect fit for any such space constraints. With simple but elegant designs, Nevada beds provide the best of utility within the available space. Whether you are looking for an additional bed for a guest room or a kids’ room, Nevada bed is the option to check out.

At Beds Divans, we have a wide variety of designs that you could check out. These beds are especially suited as for kids beds and are also available in a Bunk bed design, in case you have more than one kid. We also have larger size Nevada beds which double up as Ottoman storage beds


Divan beds add elegance to your living space.

The low lying Divan beds offer a unique addition to your furniture. They not only enhance the elegance quotient of your place but also are great to lie down and relax.

At Beds Divans UK, you can find Divan beds in different sizes, textures, fabrics, etc. so that you can choose the one that blends well with your existing interiors.

They are available as single bed, double bed and king size beds. You can pair up a Divan bed with Headboard, that provides you with that extra support to sit back and relax.

You can check out and buy divan bed online, where you can choose the specific size, fabric, height etc. and we would deliver it for you.

Come over to our online store and personally check the huge offers on our different types of beds in the UK. We provide a hassle-free delivery and assembly of any type of bed that you order. Our store is also the best for mattresses in the UK, and you can check out the one that best suits the bed you are ordering.

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